My Jordan Journey-  The  Journey’s  End  (or is it?)

Every day of this trek brought spectacular scenery, incredible food and beautiful hospitality. I came into this trip unsure as to what to expect. I did not know much about Jordan, its culture or its biblical history. Now, I find myself coming away with a love for the nation, its people, food and culture. I learned on a greater magnitude, the heritage of my faith and the birthing of Christianity. I discovered that as a Christian, I could feel safe and accepted in a predominantly muslim Jordan.

On one particular day as we were out seeing the sites, our tour guide announced that there had been a change in our schedule-we were crashing a wedding! Okay, technically we were last minute invited guests but it is so much more exciting to say we “crashed” the wedding. Time only permitted us to attend the ceremony but it was fascinating. My favorite part was when the bride arrived, everyone was outside the church waiting-including the groom. Upon her arrival, he went out to greet her and walked her to the church. I have never seen that before and it was beautiful.

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In our final leg of the trip, we took a jeep ride through the desert of Wadi Rum, also known as, “The Valley of the Moon.” We drove through miles of desert and took in the various Bedouin camps, stopping at one for lunch.          

The only animal I ever saw was a camel! So much of the vast, open space seemed virtually untouched by anyone. God is an amazing artist and I couldn’t help but dwell on that fact as we drove around.

The exciting part of the day came as we pulled over to a group of men and a pack of camels. And the opportunity I had been hoping for came-I could ride a camel through the desert.


Later on. we took a little hike up to Herod’s Hill. Also known as the location where John the Baptist was held and beheaded. I took a moment to sit on top of the hill and take in the quiet scene laid out before me. I could hear sheep in the distance and the wind as it lazily blew across the fields.

Our journey came to an end with a few days spent at the Dead Sea-World’s Largest (natural) Spa. We had time to explore, rest, write and fellowship with one another.

When one visits the Dead Sea- a mud bath is a must!

I covered myself in mud, waited until it was dry (such a weird feeling) and then I washed it off in the sea. It was the best and cheapest spa day I have ever experienced.


This sunset was such a perfect ending to a spectacular journey.The people I met, the stories I heard and the places I stood are forever etched into my heart. Jordan was life changing and while the “My Jordan Journey” segment of the blog is done-I have a few more posts coming with final thoughts and reflections of lessons learned.

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