My Jordan Journey- Meeting Jordan

This trip has been amazing and everywhere we go the people are so generous and so hospitable. 

I haven’t blogged as much as I had planned because our schedule has been busy. However, I know so many of you have been waiting to here the stories and see the photos! 

Our first four days we were hosted at the Sheraton in Amman and one day I walked into my room to discover this plate! Pretty clever, right?!



We toured Amman and the ruins were an incredible site.  Within Amman there is so much history, but the highlights were the remains of a few Byzantine churches, ancient Roman ruins and a view of the city from the Citadel.




Our next place to visit was Elijah’s birthplace. Archeological evidence showed it to be a religious site because of the ruins from two Byzantine churches built on top of the hill.

As we walked around, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the preservation of the site and the authenticity of its natural habitat. It did not feel like a touristic site but rather a place our group had stumbled across.


We were the only group on the hill that day, so we had time to wander around and take pictures. As I headed toward the other side of the hill, a set of small stone steps caught my attention. I decided I had to know where those steps lead, so I climbed down the stairs and came to a small opening.

Of course, being a curious adventurer, I decided to climb inside! Not too far behind me was our group videographer and fellow adventurer.  


I was having fun until I found a bat sleeping not far from my head and if you look closely, you can see him.  


We got the footage we needed and then I could not get out of there fast enough 😉

Later that day, we met with the Mayor of Amman in a round table interview. He was gracious to answer our questions and went out of his way to thank us for coming to write about Jordan. He shared that he wanted their  story to be told. While I have been posting of the sights and food, I will have a few posts on my thoughts and what I am learning about Jordan.

To end the day we had a traditional dish, Mansaf, that you eat with your hands! 


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